Mukhiya ji, no one likes to speak truth. Now a days,if anyone speak truth he will get tortured. Like this an Indian when he told truth to the neighbour country. They does not like his talking up to the extent that they had cancel his coming to that country forever whose complaint is done to our country’s official. 
Mukhiya Ji : Brother Aslam  what kind of talks he had done that the other country official get so annoyed. 
Aslam : Its like that in our neighbour country our country’s few historical films are  released.In that occassion our Indian film director’s brother flim star Firoz khan is also there who was invited by our neighbour country. Firoz khan has said that  the country which is made on the name of minority,in which country minority is being killed and  where no one’s rights are reserved,then what is the law and order of that country?where in our country minority are given equal rights according to our constitution. Where the President is a Muslim & Prime minister is Sikh. Where all religions get good treatment.  India’s minority, is more happy then neighbour countrie's majority and it is on the way of developing  path. 
Mukhiya : What wrong  was said by Firoz khan? Indian minority is promoting in each sector. The base of Neighbour country has made on religious issues for which Indian minorities had shed their blood and they are paying it till date.In our neighbour country the bombs are being put in mosque, in durgah and where people belong to minority is being killed only. Its the badluck of Indian Muslims who has migrated to Pakistan after partition. Even today they are  not considered as pakistani but as mujahir. But on the other side in India, minority is also their in parliament doing work with full respect without any diffrence.But in neighbouring country, in the name of community many stratificatons i.e, firkas are being made like Deobendi, Barailvy,Wahabi and many more firkas and their aim only is to vanish eachothers I badatgah by doing this they  are fullfilling  their thirstness of blood, and they believe this is religion .If this is religion then it is better to be a kaafir (the one who does not believe in God).In  today's world  neighbour country call themselves as a Islamic country. Islam religion in world gives the message of Ahinsa and it never allows to ask to shed blood but neighbour country men give lesson of sheding blood which can't be hidden. As truth can never be hidden.
Aslam : Neighbour countrymen whatever they say us we can proudly say  that in India as many rights we have that much the Muslim people who live there do not have. Small incidents do happen in every country. Its our  fault not of constitution, or fault of some selfish politicians, who play with religious emotions of people for their target. They are successfull in few fields in India. But Indians do not want to fight in the name of religion as they help each other. India is an emotional country. The selfish politicians  take advantage of this,and with them some corrupted officers are also there who also support  them to play dirty politics of religon, Because of this   minority has hatred for some leaders. People  of other countries by taking advantages of this are planning many tagged plans to ruin us. 
Mukiya : We should take care of this that first of all we all are Indians after that we are tagged with some religion because we are born in India. After birth we are Indians but about our religion definition is given to us  by our parents but when we are born in India so we are  a child of an Indian mother thats why upon us  first right our country  India  has. 

Aslam : I also think that if we are born in India as Indian  then why to make difference on the basis of religon. But today it has come to our eyes that majority people are doing injustice towards minority. If only one community will call  itself  Indian & do injustice upon other community then inhumanity will increase. Its great example  is clearly seen in Gujrat where in the name of law and order openly injustice is being done upon minority. But entire community’s head only express pain upon it and don’t take out its’ solution so tell me where  the minority will go ? By taking advantage of this condition foreign powers are slowly-slowly started their establishment here. In establishment few wicked politician help them. For their profit they are creating disputes among indian countrymen ,doing politics ,and destroying Indians unity and destroying the country. And some people say that they do not favour any religion just to remain in power. What can an ordinary man do ? 
Mukhiya : Today in India their is democracy, people make government and people themselvesput down the government that’s why in india there is a great participation of people. Today Indians have to think first about nation and then about religion. We have to  find out those politicians who play with feelings of religon in politics and boycott  them then new nation will be built  that will show all  that we are great true Indians and Nation is our Religion.

Dr. Amta Khan
Zaidi Nagar Society
Meerut City
(Uttar Pradesh)


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