O’ see he is lying dead, we don’t know how he died at night. Now what is going to happen, we don’t know that the dead person  is Muslim or Hindu.There is curfew in the city. If the dead person is Muslim and we are Hindu, if we give this news to them .Then there will be serious revolt. If we give this news to police, they will torture our society. Ramu uncle you tell us some way out. Near this dead body we found a basket of vegetables we think that he came to sell vegetables in our society, he fell ill and then dead. You people don’t worry, God will show some solution to this.You please search in his pocket and if we find some chit in his pocket he will be able to recognise. After listening to Ramu uncle’s advice his pockets were searched and they found his whereabouts. That man is Kallu.He lives in third society, near to our colony. How can we go there Anil  ?
Anil : Ramu uncle there is only one way.
Ramu Uncle : What is that ?
Bring one cot, put white bed sheet on it and put Kallu on that and put white sheet over him and we then put that cot over our shoulder and take his body to the Muslim community area.
Ramu Uncle : Muslims will kill us, its not the right time to go in their society.They will think that we had killed their brother and give his body to them.We all will be killed, we can’t  do this.
Anil : Ramu uncle don’t get so frightened. There is still some humanity left in this world. After seeing the dead body Muslim will come out to give shoulder.
Ramu : But there is a lot of difference in Muslim’s dead body and Hindu’s dead body. How can we take this we don’t know their customs.
Anil : I know their customs of taking dead body. Since I sit among many of them,from my opinion you should take Kallu body and start walking nothing will happen and the dead body will be easily taken by muslims.
Ramu Uncle : Tell us what should we do.
Anil : Gather eight people of society and ask them to put  hanky on their head. Among those eight, four of them will carry dead body on their shoulders and other four will walk behind them. Then when we reached Muslim society and we saw many Muslim got gathered we can slowly-slowly came out from there and came back to our home. Then after that it’s there responsibility how will they burry the dead body.
Ramu Uncle : Ok, this idea is correct. By doing this we are also safe. and his body will be burried by his religious rights.
After that all eight people wore hanky on their head and put white sheet over the dead body and they started moving towards the Muslim Society. After some time they reached there. Seeing the dead body all Muslim people slowly-slowly got gathered and the dead body reached to the society where many muslims lived. Then the dead body is carried towards the  graveyard. The dead body is taken inside the graveyard then someone from the crowd calls who is his relative please burry him. Whose dead body is this, there is no one of him? Then one of them says please remove the sheet from his face, First we have to see who is he? Because of this type of news feeling of hatred towards hindu get fired. Then an old man come out from crowd with shouting that we easily doubt on other community. First see the face of the person then come to any conclusion. Then the crowd got silent and when they saw the dead body’s face they recognize that he is their neighbour kallu. After that Raheem uncle removes the sheet from his body and  searched if there is any kind of scratch on his body and he told to all peoples who were present there that it’s natural death. No one has killed him be thankful to Hindu community who has fulfilled their duty and give the dead body to us. Come now we take kallu’s body to his home and then Burry him with his religious rights.All people then brought the dead body to Kallu’s home make him bath, and make him Burry according to Muslim religion on the other hand Ramukaka and Anil is feeling Relieved that they had Fullfill their duty of  humanity above  religion. At least kallu got cloth for his deadbody and shoulder of his own people. That’s why people should stand over religion for humanity. This lesson gives human its recognition. With this type of work sense of inner conscious increased among people.It’s teaches humanity to human being .

Dr. Amta Khan



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